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Rorey & Riley Bio's

Coats Prince Riley


Riley was born in Arkansas on August 23, 2000. His appearance is that of a Field Dog. He has a high feathered tail, smaller bone structure, blockier head and shorter hair on his ears. Although we do not use him to hunt, he has the obvious instinct of a hunting dog; pointing birds. He loves to run and is extremely loyal, always awaiting your approval. He was the easiest dog to house train, definitely not the typical male dog. He is wonderful with people, children and other dogs, yet staying true to his territory and being protective. Riley is both FDSB & AKC registered and has his DNA registered with AKC. Riley weighs in at about 60 lbs .

Coats Princess Rorey


Rorey was born in New York on February 18, 2001. Her appearance is very much AKC. She has a larger bone structure, pointier head, low set eyes and longer hair on her ears. Although she is only a pet, her parents were show dogs. She is much more laid back then Riley. She is more interested in retrieving than pointing, although she occasionally points squirrels. She enjoys relaxing most of all. She was just as easy to house train as Riley, only taking a few days from the day we got her. She is a great companion for Riley and is wonderful with children, people and other dogs. Rorey is both AKC & FDSB registered. Rorey weighs in at about 65 lbs.